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Eyeliner That Never Fades

with Semi-Permanent Makeup

Draw Their Eyes To Yours

The eyes are the seat of human expression, and no small part of that expression comes from the shape of your eyes. Eyeline is critical to enhance the perceived shape of your eyes, as well as to make your lashes look lush and full.

As wonderful as eyeliner is, it isn't always easy. Smearing, running and uneven application when you are in a hurry. These are all daily problems for us when we are trying to look out best.

Semi-permanent eyeliner is an easy and long term way to solve all of these problems. Make your eyes radiant even when you first get out of bed with Biotouch Canada's semi-permanent makeup services.

Make Lashes Look Fuller

Eyeliner applied to the lash line (upper and lower) to make lashes look fuller and add definition to the eyes. You can decide from a natural looking, soft fine line to a darker, more sophisticated look.

  • Soft color pigments placed into the eyelash line give the illusion of the lash looking darker and the eyes looking brighter and more youthful.
  • Medium thick eyeliner looks like regular eyeliner you would draw on. However, it won't smear off.
  • Thick eyeliner gives a bolder and dramatic look. With thick eyeliner your eyes look more outstanding You make the choice.
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