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Meet The Team


I was always a person that wants to be simple, efficient in our daily activities. I studied in process improvement and operations. I find that my leadership shows through teaching and providing guidance to others. I am passionate about sharing knowledge and making others look beautiful.

I fell in love with the beauty industry 5 years ago. I have opened up my beauty studio. Since then, I have been searching for a mentor to guide me to the next step. I am passionate about the Permanent Makeup Artistry and making our everyday routine more efficient, and Lisa is the perfect mentor for my path. Lisa had shown me the true artistry of Permanent Makeup and how it is done.

Learning from the best along with the deep understanding I have for Permanent Makeup, I now have made hundreds of men and women enhance their looks. I have performed countless procedures such as Microblading, Powdering, Semi-Permanent Eyeliner & Lips, Para-Medical, and Hair Follicle Simulation. I am enthusiastic about making people confident and beautiful. I am patient and artistic. I listen to my client’s needs and help them achieve the looks of their dreams with my experience and expertise. I continue to perfect and continue to learn the newest techniques in the industry. I will always learn and add to my knowledge and techniques.

I am looking forward to helping you with your dream looks or your dream career!


With over 10 years of beauty industry experience, Julia is dedicated to being someone that clients can comfortably talk to and help them feel more confident. She is one of the first faces you see when you step into our studio where you will be greeted with a warm, genuine smile. With a wealth of Permanent Makeup knowledge she is always available to answer any questions at the reception desk!

A master of all trades for the past 3 years, Julia has worked as our office manager, consultation specialist, and course theory instructor and this curated knowledge and professionalism can be seen in assisting her Permanent Makeup clients and students.


Lisa’s motto is: “Quality & Safety”

After graduating from medical college in 1977, Lisa (aka Li Zhang) became an ophthalmologist in which she performed cosmetic surgery. She was soon promoted to the Chief of Ophthalmology Department, becoming the youngest chief in the area. In 1992, Lisa decided to open her own beauty clinic in China, with a concentration on cosmetic surgery, permanent makeup, mole and tattoo removal, as well as skin revision treatments.

Lisa immigrated to Calgary, Canada in 1997 and opened Angel Beauty Clinic. In September 2005, Lisa moved to Vancouver where she eventually set up BioTouch Canada Permanent Makeup Inc.

Well trained and with over 25 years of experience in this field, Lisa is continuously improving her skills and updating her technology and equipment to better serve her clients. Her qualifications include:

  • Permanent Makeup (P.M.) training in China in 1988
  • Continued education in Hong Kong, Canada and the United States
  • Instructor Certificate from the United States for teaching P.M. and Skin Revision Program
  • Becoming one of the leading instructors in North America

Lisa had the opportunity to be interviewed by CFCN News and Calgary Sun, in which she introduced and discussed the different procedures of permanent makeup.