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Meet The Team


Lisa’s motto is: “Quality & Safety”

After graduating from medical college in 1977, Lisa (aka Li Zhang) became an ophthalmologist in which she performed cosmetic surgery. She was soon promoted to the Chief of Ophthalmology Department, becoming the youngest chief in the area. In 1992, Lisa decided to open her own beauty clinic in China, with a concentration on cosmetic surgery, permanent makeup, mole and tattoo removal, as well as skin revision treatments.

Lisa has an impressive portfolio, and excellent qualifications.
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Dr. Alan Chang

With over 20+ years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Chang has always been passionate about his work. He has been highly recommended in the dental industry.

Not only he sits on the board of the Dental Physician College, he is also an Anchor Physician at BioTouch Canada.

He is our medical specialist in botox injection and medical aesthetics.



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Phone: (604) 873-3636
Toll Free: (866) 862-1002
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