Class Schedules

Registration Forms
To register, follow the steps:

1. Download the registration forms below for the course(s) you'd like to take:

Comprehensive Permanent Makeup Course (6 days, $4,660)

Paramedical Training Course (2 days, $2,499)

Comprehensive Eyebrow Course - Microblading and Powdering (3 days, $2,998)

Eyeliner & Lips Makeup Course (3 days, $2,998)

2. Fill out and sign the registration form. Please read the terms.

3. Mail, or email a scanned copy (class spaces are reserved upon receipt of registration form).

4. Provide 50% deposit of the total training fee (include GST).
Payment Method:

  1. Credit Card: Call us to provide the card number - Do not write on form.

  2. Debit or Cash

  3. E-transfer

5. Pay the remaining balance 7 days prior to class start.
*Comprehensive Makeup Course
(6 days, 10am – 5pm, about 37 hours)
Course outline Classes are held monthly throughout the year.
Location: Vancouver, BC
*Comprehensive Eyebrow Course – Microblading and Powdering (3 days) Course outline
*Paramedical Course (2 days) Course outline
*Eyeliner & Lip Course (3 days) Course outline

Students are expected to be on time for class. Classes are subject to cancellation depending on enrollment. Please refer to page frequently to keep updated. Please call to inquire.

TUITION DISCOUNT: Take the Comprehensive Makeup class with the Paramedical Class and receive $200 off total combined tuition if registered at the same time

Returning students receive $100 off new course registration within one year of completing their last course

Free Refresher course within one year of graduation and 50% tuition on same course taken after one year. Refresher course includes coming back one day to watch the instructor (Lisa) preform one demo treatment to a class, with no hands-on work. Please note: Students will not receive any products/tools when attending a Refresher course. They are simply there to observe the instructor.

Student Models (except Eyebrow Microblading and Powdering course): We highly recommend students to bring their own models to receive $50 credit per procedure towards any purchase in the clinic. Otherwise, BioTouch Canada can provide models for additional fee of $50 per procedure. Space is limited, we practice first come first serve policy.

Class schedules are subject to change or cancellation, depending on student enrollment. Space is reserved for students who secure their deposit first.

Register early for upcoming classes:

May 2017

* Comprehensive Makeup Course
– May 29 – June 3 (Intensive 6 days course)- FULL

June 2017

* Comprehensive Eyebrow Course (Microblading and Powdering)
– June 13 – 15 (3 day course) – FULL

* Comprehensive Makeup Course
– June 26 – July 1 (Intensive 6 days course)- FULL

July 2017

* Comprehensive Makeup Course
– July 24-29 (Intensive 6 days course)- FULL

August 2017

* Eyeliner and Lips Course
– August 8-10 (3 day course) – NEW*

* Comprehensive Makeup Course
– August 28 – September 2 (intensive 6 day course)- FULL

September 2017

* Comprehensive Eyebrow Course (Miroblading and Powdering)
– September 12-14 (3 day course) – FULL

* Comprehensive Makeup Course
– Sept 18-23 (Intensive 6 days course)- FULL

October 2017

* Comprehensive Makeup Course
– Oct 16-21 (Intensive 6 days course)

Paramedical Class
* Paramedical Class
– Oct 26-27(2 day course)

* Comprehensive Eyebrow Course (Microblading and Powdering)
– October 31-November 2 (3 day course)- NEW*

November 2017

*Comprehensive Makeup Course
– Nov 13-18 (Intensive 6 days course)

*Comprehensive Eyebrow Course (Microblading and Powdering)
– November 28-30 (3 day course)- NEW*

December 2017

*Comprehensive Makeup Course
– Dec 11-16 (Intensive 6 days course)

Please note: Technical support will only be provided on approved and certified BioTouch products. We are unable to troubleshoot issues that may arise from the use of other product brands. Thank you.