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Deliver Rejuvenating Ingredients Directly to the Skin

with Introfill

What is Introfill? 

Introfill is an auto-injecting  device designed to deliver rejuvenating ingredients directly into the skin. The benefits multiply as the process of the needling itself stimulates collagen by promoting wound healing.

How does it work?

Hydro injector makes HA deliver to target area of skin. In the meantime, it delivers certain amount of solution evenly and safely. Every solution can be applied by doctor’s choices. It’s generally used for HA, PRP, vitamin, botox and placenta injection.


Controls dose for each shot once setting shots number

  • Avoids wasting solutions
  • Offers user friendly touch system
  • Suction function makes solution injection evenly
  • Makes needle straight to deliver solution accurately to the targeted area by adjusting

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