Yvonne Portfolio

Permanent Make-up

I am passionate about looking beautiful and making others look beautiful.  I fell in love with permanent makeup artistry after meeting with Lisa, the master instructor at Biotouch Canada a few years ago. I loved it so much that I decided to follow Lisa’s  footsteps and started working alongside with her. Lisa  had shown me the true artistry of permanent make up and how it was done.  Learning from the best along with the deep understanding I have for permanent makeup,  I now have made hundreds of men and women enhancing their looks. I have performed countless procedures such as Microblading, powdering, semi-permanent eyeliner & lips, para-medical,  hair follicle simulation and many more.

I am enthusiastic about making people confident and beautiful. I am patient and artistic. I listen to my client’s needs and help them achieve the looks in their dreams with my experience and expertise. I continue to perfect and continue to learn the newest techniques in the industry. I will always learn and add to my knowledge and techniques.  I am looking forward to helping you with your dream looks!