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Machine And Machine Accessories

How To Order

1. Please email us your order.
2. If you are a first time customer, fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form and return to us.

Shipping & Handling:

-UPS/Purolator Shipping: Shipping Costs varies on weight, shipping service, and location. Requires 2-3 days processing time, plus 2-5 business days for arrival

-Free shipping on orders over $500 before tax

-5% discount on orders over $1,000 before tax

Return Policy

– Unopened products may be returned or exchanged within 30 days. 20% restocking fee will apply.

– Machines and accessories have a 6-month warranty from date of purchase.

Trade-in Policy

– Other manufacturers’ products, machines and unopened pigments may be traded in for 50% off towards BioTouch products.



Due to the superior quality and popularity of Biotouch products, this has prompted the creation of cheap imitations of our products. These fake product have not undergone testing and have not passed regulatory requirements and may pose possible adverse health effects to those who use them. Consumers are strongly advised to purchase Biotouch products only from authorized distributors and agents.

Equipment & Tools
Item Description
FORC 4″ Forceps
FORH Forcep Holder – stainless
ROL25 Dermal Roller – 0.25mm
ROL5 Dermal Roller – 0.5mm
ROL1 Dermal Roller – 1.0mm
ROL15 Dermal Roller – 1.5mm
ROL25 Dermal Roller – 2.0mm
LTWZ Tweezers (Straight)
CSCI Eyebrow Hair Trimming Scissors
Deluxe Merlin Machine Kit
AMD Deluxe Merlin Machine Kit 110V
APM Merlin Machine Pen Only
APN1 1 prong Round Needles 50/box
APN2 2 prong Round Needles 50/box
APN3 3 prong Round Needles 50/box
APN5 5 prong Round Needles 50/box
APN7 7 prong Round Needles 50/box
APP3 3 prong Flat Needles 50/box
APP4 4 prong Flat Needles 50/box
APP6 6 prong Flat Needles 50/box
AMF Front Casing 10/box
APC Needle Cap (Universal FOR 5-7 Prong Round Needle) 50/box
APCF Needle Cap (Flat) 50/box
APCS Needle Cap (Small FOR 1-3 Prong Round Needle) 50/box
APS Needle Sleeve (Large) 20/box
APSU Stainless Steel Needle Sleeve (each)
APT Transmission Shaft 50/box
APU Needle tube 50/box
Deluxe Mosaic Machine Kit
APMO Deluxe Mosaic Machine Kit
MMO Mosaic Machine Pen Only
MFC Mosaic Front Casing 10/box
MNS Mosaic Sleeves 20/box
MTS Mosaic Transmission Shaft 50/box*
MNCF Flat Needle Cap 50/box
MNCR1 1 prong Round Needle Cap 50/box
MNCR3 2 & 3 prong Round Needle Cap 50/box
MNCR7 5 & 7 prong Round Needle Cap 50/box
MNR1 1 prong Round Needles 50/box
MNR2 2 prong Round Needles 50/box*
MNR3 3 prong Round Needles 50/box*
MNR5 5 prong Round Needles 50/box*
MNR7 7 prong Round Needles 50/box*
MNF3 3 prong Flat Needles 50/box*
MNF4 4 prong Flat Needles 50/box*
MNF6 6 prong Flat Needles 50/box*
Feather Touch
FTHEP Brow/Eyeliner Design Pencil
FTHN9 9 prong Slant Needles 30/pk (for silver pen)
FTHN14 14 prong Slant Needles 30/pk (silver pen)
FTHN17 17 prong U-shape Needles 30/pk (silver pen)
FTHK Feather Touch Design Kit NEW (Purple Pen)
FTHPP Feather Touch Pen SCREW 30/pk (Purple)
FTHNS9 9 prong Flat needles SCREW 30/pk (for purple pen)
FTHNS14 14 prong Flat needle SCREW 30/pk (for purple pen)
FTHNU17 17 prong U-shape needle SCREW (for purple pen)
FTHW9 9 prong Needle SCREW 10/pk DISPOSABLE
FTHW14 14 prong Needle SCREW 10/pk DISPOSABLE
FTHW17 17 prong U-shape needle SCREW 10/pk DISPOSABLE

Please note: Technical support will only be provided on approved and certified BioTouch products. We are unable to troubleshoot issues that may arise from the use of other product brands. Thank you.

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