Training Class Models Needed For Student Training

Models for our students are needed for our training classes:

– Permanent Makeup Class models for microblading, permanent eyeliner and permanent lip procedures, color correction and/or removal.
– Paramedical Class models for scar relaxation and camouflage, areola and nipple repigmentation.
– Eyebrow Microblading and Powdering Class models for microblading and powdering procedures
– Eyeliner and Lips Permanent Makeup Class models for eyeliner and lips procedures

Models for the students will be charged $50.00 plus tax. This amount is non-refundable and must paid in full upon booking the appointment. Touch up is not included. Students performing the procedures are strictly supervised by the master instructor.

Those interested in being a students’ model, please contact our office for next available space or add your name to the wait list. We will contact you 2-4 weeks before classes begin to secure your space. Space is limited. We practice first come first serve policy.