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5on Google,Mar 11, 2020


Had an amazing experience as a student at Biotioch. Great one on one interaction with instructors. Danielle was amazingly patient, helpful and caring. Lisa is not only talented but truely Ceres about her students leaving with the most skill and knowledge. Lots of Real practice and a very welcoming and comfortable environment to learn, ask questions and gain knowledge.

5on Google,Mar 08, 2020


I just finished my Comprehensive Permanent Makeup class and I have to say that I am totally happy. I chose to go to biotouch based on the reviews and then when I called the school, Julia was super friendly and helpful and answered all my questions. When I went in to give my deposit the space was super clean and felt like a dentist office (a good thing in my opinion) Once I started, Danielle and Lisa were amazing. Very knowledgeable and caring. Their attention to me felt calm and not overwhelming. I didnt feel like I was left on my own at any point. My models (I was lucky to have many friends that trusted me) Said they loved the environment and felt at ease. I would highly recommend Biotouch to anyone looking to take this class.

5on Google,Mar 06, 2020


The staff is excellent. They really make sure you are happy with the end result. I was really happy with the way my eyebrows looked. They addressed any concerns I had prior to starting and listened to what I had to say. The whole area is extremely clean and you get all the products you need for the after care. I highly recommend Biotouch Canada.

5on Google,Feb 04, 2020


Amazing! Beyond happy with the results and how thoughtful and kind the staff were through my appointments.

5on Google,Jan 28, 2020


Very happy with my decision to take the course here. I learned everything I need. Working on real person everyday helped me to get enough experience in a short time.

5on Google,Jan 27, 2020


Theory and hands on gave me a better grasp on the actual course as a whole. Our instructor Danielle did a fantastic job guiding and teaching us through and so did Lisa showing us the actual procedures for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. The 'CLINICAL' approach and training struck me the most as the outstanding feature of the entire course which is NOT common with other providers. The small class (5 students) made it possible for a more intended technique and in-depth training. I'm looking forward to the paramedical training in the future as an add-on!

5on Google,Jan 22, 2020


I'm over the moon happy with my experience at Biotouch Canada. I took both the full permanent makeup program (for brows, lips, and eyeliner) as well as the 3 day lash course for classic and russian volume. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start their own business, or join up with a salon/spa or studio to practice the art of permanent makeup. Before coming here, I had no concept of safe and proper permanent makeup practice... This program is key for anyone who cares about being good at what they do. I find myself reviewing the course material daily, which is important so that I stay knowledgeable even after certification. Everyone who teaches here really cares about the quality of education they're providing students, and they are all highly qualified. I feel confident in beginning my path as a permanent makeup artist. Also, a huge bonus is that they allow students to come back for refreshers on course material and to observe Lisa performing permanent makeup procedures. So many thanks to Lisa, Danielle, Shabnam, and of course Julia!!! Im so appreciative that they have all given me the ability to correctly and safely perform permanent makeup, and lashes. Also, they provide support after certification which is amazing too. I will definitely be returning for their blood pathogens course as soon as i can. :)

5on Google,Dec 31, 2019


Recently I bought silvera machine and highly recommend it . Very good quality and easy to use. I want to order another one 😊

5on BirdEye,Dec 06, 2019


I was a bit nervous about getting my eyebrows microbladed. Lynn’s artistic expertise and medical background made for incredible results. She uses a feathering technique that looks like individual hairs so the outcome was very natural looking. I am so fortunate that I found her! I highly recommend biotouch.

5on Google,Nov 28, 2019


Great experience.

5on Google,Nov 27, 2019


I love going into Biotouch to get supplies and pigment I always deal Julia who is always so warm,welcoming, accommodating and helpful ! Lisa is very knowledgeable and generous with her advice and recommendations in any situation. Anytime I have any concerns or questions , I will get a response from her within a few hours! I’m so impressed !

4on Google,Nov 22, 2019


I was interested in take a Permanent Make up course I ended up going as a student model had my upper and lower eye liner done and was very happy .It came out very natural After couple of months two days ago l had my lips lined and enhanced and coloured with little correction and Am vey.The Instructors are well experienced very knowledgeable and Professional.The students very closely well supervised by the Instructor during the procedure .It made me very confident. From my Cosmetology background I would highly advice you to choose BioTouch for your permanent makeup with the instructors or as a model or with the student and if you are looking to take Permanent Make Up Course that’s the Best School to go

4on Google,Nov 22, 2019


well establishes business with professional team to ensure procedures are safe & hygienic. After care instructions & materials are well prepared & customer supports are readily available. Lisa is a trustworthy & experience professional!!!

5on Google,Nov 13, 2019


Loved Biotouch! Staff was very friendly, attentive and highly knowledgeable in what they were doing. Facility was also very clean and sanitary. My technician (Daisy) was not only very professional, but she took the upmost care when performing Micro-blading on my eyebrows. She not only explained the whole process but was very patient answering all my questions. Thank you Daisy and Julia! I had an awesome experience ! I will be back!!

5on Google,Oct 24, 2019


Very satisfied with my eyeliner. Lisa was a perfectionist wanting to get the design just right to match my style. It did take a few days for the swelling to go down so be prepared for that but otherwise went as expected. You’ll be impressed if you look at some of the before and after photos...especially of the corrections Lisa has made for those who’ve had bad procedures. Worth spending the extra money for top quality especially for your eyes.

5on Google,Oct 19, 2019


The best school, excellent teachers

5on Google,Oct 13, 2019


Best training I had !!! Lisa and Briana are great instructions, I get a lot of knowledge from them in this field .i have been provided all good supplies and every day practice on models. Highly recommend this school !!!!

5on Google,Oct 09, 2019


Facilities were clean and orderly. Staff were professional, caring and thorough with my procedure. My eyebrows turned out beautiful. Highly recommended

5on Google,Oct 04, 2019


Julia and Daisy were great to work with, really happy we met them

5on Google,Sep 22, 2019


The staff and students were both very professional and kind. I would definitely be a student for them again.