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Color Correction

with Semi-Permanent Makeup

Pigmentation Corrections Are Totally Normal

With semi-permanent color correction you can restore and improve your look to what it used to be. Whether its countering the effects of aging, or restoring old treatments, Biotouch Canada can help address these issues.

Fix microblading mistakes or misplaced or discolored pigment and just some of the many cases we can treat, so ask our professionals what we can do for you.

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Color corrections can be done on eyebrows, eyeliners, and lips. Correction of blue, orange, asymmetrical, unnatural or migrated eyebrows. Immediately after the procedure the color will be dark but will get softer and more natural after healing.

Our semi-permanent makeup correction fixes microblading mistakes, mis-placed or discolored pigment, shape, and color density with non-invasive treatments.

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